Thursday, August 12, 2010


I have added a number of books about tea to my Amazon wish list. I also discovered that Amazon accepts debit cards. This is a deadly combination but I'm going to have to break down at some point and get my knowledge on. I have been faking the tea parts in Tea Times Three. I have a scene where Brulee makes the perfect cup of Earl Grey and I just cobbled it together from guesses and a tea tasting in San Francisco's Chinatown I went to a few years ago.

I have a list of interesting research and web crawling I need to do during the first edit. I have been following the maxim of 'Forward! Ever forward!' with this book and it's actually getting the book written!

I'm also very proud of myself for hitting the halfway mark and NOT starting another novel! I think there is some self destructive urge in writers to shoot ourselves in the foot and start new projects in the middle of other projects. That doesn't mean that I'm not RESEARCHING another book however. But it's secret right now! We'll see if I wimp out on it too...

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