Sunday, August 22, 2010

A clean work space is a productive work space...

I work in chaos because I don't clean things. Not really. Not often. That holds true for my desk as well.

So, this is where the magic happens!!

You can see pages of Tea Times Three there. The loose leaf paper. I think it's pages 229-231 or so.
Still hovering at 2/3 complete. I hope I make my word count!


  1. I accidentally shot some footage of my desk when doing a video a couple of weeks ago and decided I had to tidy it. I have 2 desks and yet still use a small folding table to write on because the desks are too messy. No joke, the one with my computer on it also has 7 tubs of vitamins, one jar of face pack, one tub of moisturiser, one tube of moisturiser, 3 strips of painkillers, 1 jar of nytol, 2 usb sticks, a pair of head phones, a set of 3d glasses, a pill slicer, 3 deodorants, a tape measure, a toddlers shoe full of pens, a lollipop and my speakers. And that's just on the bit where my monitor sits.