Sunday, March 25, 2012

Get off the fucking internet.

I feel very strongly the internet is 99.9% noise. Just clamor and discord, a stadium full of people all shouting "Look at me!" And that includes artists. The internet has brought a lot of artists to people who want their work in one form another. But it has also stiffened the competition a great deal. A mediocre artist like myself hovers on the fringes, never good enough to make money but not terrible enough to make alternative auto-bio comics.

But maybe some where out there is money waiting for me to make it!

I think this quote exemplifies the internet and all it holds for us. Which is basically bullshit. The internet cannot help you! It will not help you! It will distract you from everything that is really important in life. It will lie and tell you Facebook is REAL HUMAN CONNECTION when it's not. It will keep you from reading. It will keep you from quiet contemplation in which REAL thought is born. It will keep you from thinking and assimilating what you've read. It will keep you from forming your own opinions. It will keep from turning knowledge into wisdom or ideas. It will keep from going outdoors and experiencing life first hand.

Those commercials for "Learning sites" on NickJR enrage me. The computer WILL NOT TEACH YOUR CHILD ANYTHING! How about actually interacting with your own damn kid! Read them a book! Their a fucking toddler- EVEN YOU CAN TEACH CHILD MATH! Take them outside! Talk to them and they will learn language, discuss with them and they will form ideas.

Rant over.