Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How many WIPs can I juggle?

I have decided to crack down on myself and write full time! A I it here on the Internet still in my PJ's. (Arg!)

I am writing two things currently. I have an idea for a fantasy novel which is well researched but not plotted, and an idea for a MG book that is a seedling at best and needs research. The ever growing R.F.N. which I work on on and off as inspiration strikes. The main work Tea Times Three which is now 106 pgs handwritten (yay) and a few other odds and ends.

I fear losing focus and failing to get T3 done. But I want to write, more and more. More quantity. If I can get something DONE surely at least one project will net me the ever coveted Agent. I'm hoping it will T3 honestly but I worry a bit about how much T3 does NOT fit into a tidy genre nook.

But if I can up the quantity of my production and finish projects then maybe I will be on to something.

1 comment:

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