Friday, October 1, 2010


I want to see if this will work!!

First of all a titanic thank you to my now 12 followers :D Not bad for having just started up! (Apparently the key is to post about things I hate LOL!)

But I would like to increase the number of followers I have in the event of finishing my novel and getting an agent and publisher.

So! To build my platform and look good online I am having a CONTEST!

The contest!

Bring me followers! For the next few weeks if you- my followers can get your friends to follow my blog I will draw a character from your book/WIP (or fan art if you choose) and send you a print of the original work!!!

How it works- Have you friend follow my blog and have them post a comment saying 'So and So sent me over to follow you' or some such comment. The person who sends me the most followers wins!

Contest ends October 23. Ok?

Your character will look like anime though! That is the only 'catch' here is a link to my Deviant Art Gallery so you can see what your character will potentially look like

Send me followers!!!


  1. Some guy who's stalking you sent me over here. He doesn't want me to reveal his name and says I can claim the prize on his behalf.

  2. Oh noes! Stalkers!!!! Oh, and you have to join as a follower of me blog too win- also and bring me more minions/followers

  3. I'm now following as Prof. Thule... my blogspot profile.