Sunday, October 3, 2010


I would like to add to the below that to win the prize you must ALSO FOLLOW MY BLOG- so if you aren't a follower join and then send me more minions! THEN I will tally up who sent me the most followers on Oct 23 and announce the winner!

AND NO PORN. I'm not gonna draw your character doing anything nasty because I don't feel like it. And because I am only offering to draw a single character.

The contest!Bring me followers! For the next few weeks if you- my followers can get your friends to follow my blog I will draw a character from your book/WIP (or fan art if you choose) and send you a print of the original work!!! How it works- Have you friend follow my blog and have them post a comment saying 'So and So sent me over to follow you' or some such comment. The person who sends me the most followers wins!Contest ends October 23. Ok?Your character will look like anime though! That is the only 'catch' here is a link to my Deviant Art Gallery so you can see what your character will potentially look like me followers!!!

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