Thursday, September 30, 2010

Milestone Achieved!!

I have just passed page 300 of Tea Times Three! I keep saying that I'm 3/4 done but the novel is still growing a bit. Getting longer and more complex, which is good, but the ending keeps farther away.
The struggle lately has been with my own self-confidence. I worry about what to do next in the story. Where it's going. I have an ending so that is something, but getting there is low going.
Poor Ambriel my other WIP went along for two years with no ending!! But Ambriel is a WIP in the most literal sense possible. Work. In. Progress. A seemingly never ending work. I did the math the other day and it is up to an estimated 130,628.6 words. It is written first person and it still surprises me how easily I can slip right into her voice. But after 2 years it shouldn't be a surprise. I haven't worked on the R.F.N in awhile. It stalls out periodically during these long conversations that I don't know where they're going or what I want out them. I want to finish this thing! I love the world! I love Ambriel- she is such a good character and she isn't cliched AT ALL especially since she is in a vampire novel. I'm proud of this book! But it is unpublishable. With it's length (which is fixable), it's total lack of romance (fixable only with TITANIC re-writes), and it's very unhappy ending. But I don't care! I will self-publish it if I have to! If my mythical future agent and publishing company (optimism-optimism) will allow. Hell, I could serialize the mother if it came to that- make it free on my website (also hypothetical at this point.).

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