Friday, October 29, 2010

Tea Times Three the comic book!

Well, as I have talked about for ages Tx3 began as a comic book! I thought maybe a few of my followers out there would like to see the script I based the first couple chapters of the book on.

A lot changed from script to prose but I still open with Geoffry. That MAY be changed in the final draft because I worry that Geoffry isn't the strongest opener. I'm also going to need to go back and add scenes to the novel showing Geoffry's change of attitude toward the witches. He begins suspicious of them but then comes to be very sympathetic toward them as struggling business owners. But Geoffry disappears in the middle of the book... I'm also not sure HOW to show this. But I do have the advantage of having written Tx3 in a strict scene format- and each scene in each chapter is numbered, so going back and adding discreet scenes will be easy.

Tea Times Three
By Ché Gilson

Page 0 – Chapter 1 title page art

Chapter 1

Page 1

Panel 1: Early morning exterior of an idyllic British village.

Panel 2: The only people about are the greengrocer who is unlocking the front door of his shop.

Panel 3: A small truck/van pulls up. The greengrocer waves.

Page 2

Panel 1: A young boy hops out the back of the van. He has a stack of newspapers which he sets on the sidewalk.

Boy: Morning Mr. Callister!

Callister: Morning Jake.

Panel 2: Callister goes over to pick up the newspapers. Jake chats.

Jake: So, who’s re-opening the teashop?

Callister: The teashop? No one is.

Panel 3: Jake points across the street to a quaint teashop – windows papered over. Under the windows are flower boxes with blooming flowers planted in them, over the windows are striped awnings. A sign in the window says: Opening Soon.

Panel 4: Callister looks very surprised and scratches his head.

Callister: That wasn’t there yesterday!

Jake: Teashops don’t just sprout up overnight.

Panel 5: Callister frowns at Jake.

Callister: Not the teashop! The opening soon, and the paper on the windows …
Page 3

Panel 1: Jake climbs back into the news van. Callister still stares at the teashop across the street.

Jake: New owners must’ve done that in the night.

Callister: Yeah. I suppose …

Weird though. No one’s touched the shop since Mrs. Sheeply died two years ago.

Panel 2: The van starts to leave. Jake hollers from the back as he closes one of the doors in the back.

Jake: It’s a right mystery then!

See you tomorrow!

Panel 3: Callister is alone on the street. He looks around to make sure no one is about.

Panel 4: He crosses the street to the tea shop.

Panel 5: He tries the door which doesn’t budge.

Callister: Locked …

Page 4

Panel 1: The town is abuzz with rumors about the teashop and most everyone is gossiping about it in the grocery store. Mr. Callister is behind the register pleased to be the center of attention. Various townsfolk buy small items as an excuse to talk in line and to Mr. Callister. A pretty 20-something girl named Matilda is buying a pack of gum.

Matilda: Rumor has it you noticed the teashop is reopening.

A sign points to Mr. Callister: He spread the rumor.

Callister: Yeah, it was the strangest thing. I was opening up this morning and noticed the “Opening Soon” sign.

Panel 2: A younger handsome man behind Matilda cuts in on the conversation.

Man: I hope it’s a Coffeebuck’s coffee Shop. They make a great Mocha Frappacino.

Panel 3: An old lady behind him smacks him with her purse.

Old Lady: Bite your tongue Hugh! Major Corporations are destroying small town business.

Hugh: Ow!

Panel 4: Callister chimes in.

Callister: I think the sign would say if it was a Coffeebuck’s.

Matilda: He’s right. I heard it’s a retired millionaire from the city.

Panel 5: Hugh looks dubious.

Hugh: Where’d you get that?

Panel 6: Matilda looks very knowing.

Matilda: Mrs. Owens.

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