Sunday, March 6, 2011

Run out of things to say

I have been out of updates lately. I ran out of things to say! Which is terrible considering how rich a topic writing is.

BUT I never run out of pet peeves.

Here's my latest: Writers who are over dependant on the opinion of others as exemplified by Absolute Write. I have been on the forum a lot less which I believe is a good thing. And since I don't have friends there no one misses me so it works out for everyone. But- here is the thing; so many people post their ideas, ask if they are doing right or wrong, cruise for betas, and ask for every one's opinion even though no one else's opinion matters but your own.

That's not to say a good critique group isn't helpful (a joy I may never know....) but when it comes down to it you have to rely on yourself.

It's the same principle that you see on Top Chef vs. Top Chef Masters. The master chefs don't worry. They do what they want for the challenges and they have confidence in their food. At some point you have to trust yourself.

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