Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Lately something odd has been happening. I have been feeling more confident in my writing. I think my word choices are getting better, more conscious in my sentences. I'm eliminating more of the extraneous words I normally use. And yes, carefully considering adverbs. But I still use them!

Another thing I do is I just write. I don't think about grammar or punctuation, I write what I want how I want to which I believe helps the voice of anything.

I owe a great debt to the R.F.N. which I spent two years working on. I'm having some doubts that it will ever be finished now. Poor Ambriel may hang in limbo for a long time. But I owe that unfinished book a great deal. It showed me that I write something very long. It's sheer volume- at 400+ handwritten pages was a great training ground.

The second thing I owe for my increasing skill is beta reading on AW. I don't volunteer often or lightly. And I always worry a great deal that I will eventually really piss someone off when I send back their manuscript. BUT it has made me more conscious of how I write so I make better word choices at the outset.

Tea Times Three, from the beginning to now- near complete will by the time all is said and done, have taken one year to write. And in that time too I have gotten better. I know the improvement will serve me during editing too.

But you know what? I still can't spell.

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