Sunday, November 28, 2010

Writing called on account of ants...

God the slog continues! I have taken some advice from somewhere, I think it's one of the books I have on writing mysteries or not. I can't be sure. And I am skipping ahead in my bookity book Tea Time Three. I am working on the events leading up to the climax. All I can think is how am I going to cobble this into a cohesive whole during editing? It has to work out some how. And of course I HAVE to finish!

It is my great lament and constant refrain that I can't just pound out a book in the space of three months. How will I ever succeed at my snail's pace? How will I ever finish the fucking book? Why I can't I write 5 things at once and grind them out at say the pace of... I dunno James Patterson? He seems to have a lot of new releases all at once. Anyone else out there fast? Anyone else out there finish a novel in under 6 months time?

Crap. I just want to cry. I also work on my MG horror/mystery from time to time. Inventing as I go. Fingers crossed that any of this sees the light of day. I guess this is the point where writers with a support system get help.

Don't you just love how every famous author is super writing/crit group uber buddies with every other famous author? I don't. Just sayin.

I bought the brand new Dragon- the soft ware that types for you thinking I can catch up on some of the typing backlog I have. Turns out my 3 year old laptop doesn't have the memory to run it. My 3 yr old laptop also has hard drive issues and an 'S' key that is a pain in my ass.

And no, I haven't written in a week or more because every morning is spent vacuuming ants and puttying shut the holes in the wall they a boiling forth from. Then the rest of the day is spent vacuuming and finding the next tiny crack they are coming in from. Also vacuuming.

Sorry for the self-indulgent post. I'll try to do better next time.

In the mean time, please to enjoy a cute photo of one of my dollies taken yesterday.

Her name is Charybdis and she is Scylla's sister. She has fangs and little bat wings and hooved feet.

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