Friday, November 12, 2010

Mid Book Blues and the I Should Outline More Song

Tea Times Three has been staggering along for a while now. I thought I had finally turned a corner when I finally reached events that would lead me into act 3 and the climax of the book. But I still find myself in a slump, logging through endless conversations that I'm not sure why I'm writing in the first place.

Perhaps I should return to outlining. Believe it or not waaaaay back when I dropped out of college I wrote 3 books, one middle grade, and two YA. And I had them outlined perfectly, chapter by chapter, and I finished all three. Now, I won't say they were that good. They were not horrible, but not good enough to be published. And they were short. Like 50,000 words.

But they were DONE. And I had a plan and I executed it.



  1. I don't have any advice, just wanted to say hang in there :)

  2. Thanks! I am. I wroe a little more today- like a couple paragraphs...

    Am trying and failing to NOT rip-off Chocolat..