Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Mid Book Blues part 2- things go better

Well, I can't say I have all the answers but I though I would share what seems to have helped me keep going on Tea Times Three.

1- I skipped ahead to the good bits! I abandoned the linear scene I was stuck on and I skipped ahead to events I have a clearer picture of. That turned out to be the events leading up to the climax and then I'll probably go on through to the climax and then in draft 2 I'll try to patch it all together. I've never done this before but so far so good.

2- A cheer partner. I found someone to turn pages in to every day and we mutually cheer each other on. I'd like to find a few more of these but I'm not sure I want to go begging on AW... I want it to be someone either more published than I am or at least someone who's name I recognize from the forums.

And that's about it so far. I am NOT a believer in editing you work as you go. Forward, ever forward is my continued motto! And if the only way to go forward is to skip ahead so be it!

Believe it or not my MG book also continues slow forward momentum. I work on it less than T3 but it is a side project.

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