Friday, July 30, 2010

Are ordinary people interesting enough?

I just wrote part of an interaction between two characters that I'm very happy with. I've been patting myself on the back since yesterday. But once in awhile I pause and wonder if reading about regular people with no huge tragic problems is really interesting enough.

When I was younger I lover to give all my characters depressing back stories, tragic circumstances and deep seated issues. As I've gotten older I find that I have tired a bit of constant melancholy and some of the anime I love the most have been sweet stories where nothing really terrible happens.

I'm sort of banking on the fact that I may not be alone in this. That somewhere out there are fantasy fans tired of having only having a few market choices. Epic fantasy, urban fantasy, and the occasional outliers like literary fantasy, magical realism, and steampunk.

But I find myself wondering if anyone will be interested and more importantly if publishers will be interested. Or if Tea Time Three is too hard to catagorize.

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