Sunday, July 11, 2010

The almost halfway mark!

Well, today I reached page 160 of Tea Time Three and in 15 more pages I'll be at approximately 30,000 words and that mean the halfway mark! I'm going to shoot for 65,000 so that I hit Pyr's minimum. I may even submit to them!

Aside from just scoping out publishers that take un-agented submissions I am looking at agents too. I really hope to get on too. I think I'll write up a list on all the reasons I want one too and pot that.

I also have to scan in the layout I drew of the Tea Times Three tea shop which is uncreatively enough named Tea Times Three.

I also really want an "S" key that works! I do all my internet on my laptop. I have a separate art computer for my artwork but my laptop i my internet work horse and now the "S" key is super sticky. It doesn't type the 's' the first most of the time. I complained on LJ about feeling like the main character of Stephen King's "Misery" who had to fill in all the 'n's in his manuscript by hand.

I think my computer is going into the shop anyway, there are a few other things wrong too.

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