Saturday, February 9, 2013


My friend Sunny Frazier has been poking me (badgering with a large stick actually) about "PLATFORM". Yes THE platform. The dreaded AUTHOR PLATFORM without which no book is sold!

So! Here I am! Attempting a reboot of my blog!! It was already here and I can't afford Wordpress!

So! Watch me fail at platforming! Watch me post things- perhaps erratically... I need to find some more of my friends on here...

I will also reboot my Facebook page. Well, not reboot, so much as post art from DA where I am spending 90% of my time online these days.

The better place to find me and my work than this blog is I have been drawing SO MUCH lately! I'll try to post my art here too!

I am still writing of course so that will continue to be a focus... but I'll get to that later! First things first! Baby steps as it were..


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