Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What do you sign in the age of e-books?

As e-books rise and paper books decline I think a big question is 'What will authors sign?' Like any reader/writer I have a collection of prize Signed Books. Those books that I've taken to or purchased at conventions, packed and lugged to one event or another in order to receive the prize of an author's signature on the end papers. I have signed books from Jacqueline Carey, China Mieville, Garth Nix, Nalo Hopkinson and many others, all of which have a pace on my permanent bookshelf.

But what do you sign in a digital age? I think it's a token/memento which will always be important to collectors and devoted fans. I know I wouldn't part with signed books. They are special. they are touched.

I think there are a few possibilities for signatures in a digital age.

1- being e-readers adding a touch screen so that authors signatures can be collected. Who knows, there is probably already an app for that... And if not I demand 50% of your profits!!

2- Comes from Japan. Manga artists often sign shikishi boards at events. They are wonderful mementos and can be displayed in frames and wall hangings

Since I can draw I vote for shikishi boards!

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