Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Dear Laurie J. Marks

Well, hello all! All 30 of you! I am back! I have been lazy! But I have a new computer with a web cam so welcome to video updates!!!

This time I am asking Laurie J. Marks the fantasy author to put her back list on Kindle. The three books she wrote about well, I can't recall if she ever named the planet- must have.... I haven't read the books in a long time- BUT they were about a world made of super hard crystal called glass. There were three main species of sentient beings, the human like Walkers who lived on the land, the Aeyrie who flew the skies and the Mer who lived in the sea. The books are fantastic, the prose is beautiful. And the shame is that they are out of print! And they don't deserve to be!

OK! Her website has also improved over the years! And helps explain, at least a little the big gaps in books that have occurred. Wow, I wish I could take a writing class from her! My prose has never been poetic and hers most definitely is.

It would be nice to think I'll meet Ms. Marks (I just can't call authors by their first name! I hate it how people run around calling everyone by their first name like the KNOW the person!) BUT, I like to think I'll meet Laurie J. Marks someday but even if I did I'd never have the courage to make much of the opportunity. I'd just grin like an idiot and maybe giggle and stammer out something "Like I love your books" then I'd fade into the background like the dumbass I am. And THAT would be my big meeting with Laurie J. Marks. I'd be a fangirling idiot and she would would leave nervous that I'm a stalker.

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