Sunday, April 3, 2011

Kindle Formatting

Well I found this and they have prices that I WILL pay to get my work formatted for Kindle. I don't want to learn HTML. If I can find and finish my Carmine novella I may self-pub it.

I'm not sure about it yet.


  1. Che,

    We certainly can help you! Learning HTML is not something a lot of Authors are really interested in doing. Just like you use specialists to help you with your car or your health, it is usually best to use a specialist to make your eBooks.

    Be aware, we have about 11-week turnarounds because of the amount of work in the queue, so it would be good to get your book on the list as soon as you know your schedule. We do Kindle and ePub files for every project.

    Joshua Tallent
    Author of Kindle Formatting: The Complete Guide
    Founder of eBook Architects

  2. Hi! I'm from AW :) Nice blog!
    That's interesting info. If I ever self-pub (Middle Grade market is hard for e-books) I'll sure need some help...
    - EEV